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An abstract of the artist describing his work and some of its motivation follows.

My work as an artist started when I was 3 years old and had drawing time in kindergarten. Ever since then the love for making things and creative expression have been a natural part of my personality. However, the first time I can remember that I knew others could appreciate what I made was when I published a comic book in second grade featuring a super hero dog named Lars and everyone in class took turns reading the only copy.

Later, in middle school I became part of the community on Newgrounds where it was popular to make animated short films with the Flash framework. This was a place where I was able to share my creations with the whole world on the internet, and I was able to see theirs. It was absolutely great, and thinking back, some of the best art ever created was probably published there, not by me but by a mass of hybrid computer and art geniuses from around the globe.

The inspiration for moving into fine arts came around the change of the new year from 2013 to 2014 when I first started painting with an oil painting kit from the popular hardware store Clas Ohlson, and the mass produced canvases they sell there. I have always been a subscriber to the idea of learning by doing, and I believe art to be an area of expertise where this definitely applies true.

Ever since then I’ve been working and practicing and I intend to keep doing so until the day I die. My style and skill has developed a little since then, but the feeling that I keep inside my heart is still very much the same. I will always try to find new and more interesting ways to express it and challenge myself every day to try something different.

My work consists mostly of oil paintings, while I love trying other medias and materials as well. This includes but is not limited to spray paint, pastel, water colors, and acrylics.